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Natural. Wholesome. Pure.

Soaps + Skincare + Scents

Stephens Creek Soaps, Lotions, & Balms are made with only premium naturally-derived ingredients, time-honored techniques, carefully perfected recipes, and environmental consciousness.

Pamper yourself and indulge your senses with the wholesome goodness & purity of locally-sourced goat’s milk and honey.

Essential oils that soothe the soul. Botanical extracts & spices that cleanse & invigorate. The naturally nourishing & anti-aging properties of goat’s milk.

Discover unique signature blends for body, home, & exquisite gifting!

Is Your Soap Balanced?

Not all soaps & lotions are created equal. Some exfoliate or refresh, others moisturize & protect. Glycerin, oils, and other common ingredients alone don’t deliver valuable micronutrients; our goat’s milk soaps are pH balanced with expert blends of carriers & botanical extracts for ultimate nourishment.

Body & Mind

The art of soapmaking has been finely crafted by dedicated artisans over many centuries. Expertly blended aromatics and luxury oils can calm or invigorate, soothe or energize, to nurture the outer and the inner you.

Experience the next level of quality and goodness in skin care!

Ordering: A Better Experience

We believe that our body products should be uniquely matched to every individual. Our premium soaps & moisturizers are made by hand & thoughtfully packaged for your purchase.

Unlike traditional online shopping, we handle every order personally to ensure you find the perfect combination to suit your needs, or the ideal gift. This tailored experience is a service we’re proud to offer.

Browse our gallery of bar soaps, lotions, and balms. We encourage your questions about our products. Once you contact us with your order, we’ll put together the perfect package!

Simply contact us through this form with the details of your order. Once complete, we’ll send you a custom invoice through Square and your order will be processed promptly!

Christi Cullum Martin, Owner/Formulator | Clinton, Arkansas

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