Luxury Bar Soaps

Each luxury bar is hand-crafted with pure goat’s milk and expertly-balanced ingredients for a luxurious, skin-nourishing experience. Find more exclusive specials & seasonal offers on Facebook!

LUXURY BAR SOAP | 5.5-6.5 oz $7-$9

Exfoliating Bar

Infused with three mint varieties, green tea, & eucalyptus, it’s the ultimate in cleansing & exfoliating!

Nourish & Cleanse

Super-moisturizing colloidal oatmeal with fresh goat’s milk & real Arkansas honey

Ocean Dreams

A sensational luxury experience to nourish your skin and delight your senses!

Rich, Silky Lather

Delicate. Effervescent. Luxurious.

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Just pure goat’s milk soap, with no added perfumes. Ideal for sensitive skin!

Botanical Bliss

Lively, fresh, energetic blend of fruits & botanicals, including casaba melon, plum, freesia & chamomile

Perfect for Him

A woodsy fragrance men love! Clean, crisp, and natural.

Locally Grown

Exclusive special edition made with hand-picked lavender blossoms. (LIMITED EDITION – SEASONAL AVAILABILITY)

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Seasonal Bars

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Cool Cucumber

Soothing aloe with the freshness of cucumber make an ideal shaving lather!

Coconut Lime Verbena (BACK SOON!)

Classy combination that’s pleasant and refreshing!

Honey Bee

Perfect for gift bags! Fun-sized minis of our popular “Oatmeal Milk & Honey”

Hemp Silk

Organic hemp seed oil and goats milk with a fragrance-free natural aroma & sumptuous lather

Fine Leather

The fragrance of ultimate luxury. A smooth, fresh, distinct aroma for him or her.

Stephens Creek Soaps are as unique as you are! If you notice that each hand-crafted bar varies slightly in shape, color, and size, this is completely normal. All luxury bars consistently weigh between 5.5oz-6.5oz.

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NOTE: Due to Covid-19, ingredients & packaging options are subject to availability. Prices may change without prior notice. Please see our Order Page for details on shipping & local pickup.
Our soaps take 4-6 weeks to cure, so be sure to watch our Facebook page to be first in line to reserve new releases!